Structrual steels are intended for use in areas where there are specific strength and mechanical requirements. Engineers are able to select materials with known mechanical parameters and use safely in design. This should eliminate catastrophic failures.

300WA43A - this is the most commonly used structural steel in South Africa and is often specific for traditional reasons. This steel is used for structures of all types and is produced and stocked in many forms. Price is competitive due to fierce competition among the steel merchants.

350WA50B - this grade of steel are more commonly used in Europe and are often specific in European designs. Mass saving may be obtained when compared to 300WA/43A due to the 15 % better Yield Strength. Normalisation over 12mm and less availability makes 50B more expensive than 300WA / 43A. It is used on mining machinery, earthmoving equipment and whatever material with improved mechanical properties is less required.

SUPRAFORM - Supraform is available in grades, from 190Mpa to 500Mpa Yield strength and is used where superior forming properties are required. Typical applications are containers, truck bodies, cabs, pressing etc. It may also be used where mass reductions are required.

ROQ TUF - The high strength (2, 3 times higher than 300WA) and toughness of this steel give it excellent mass saving attributes. The 2, 3 times better yield strenth also means it will take 2, 3 times more force to permanently bend this steel than 300WA and resistance to mechanical damage is therefore considerable superior. This higher strength steel is frequently used in transportation applications, cranes, mining equipment and fan manufacture.

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Mild Steel

BS 4360 Grade 43A / SABS 1431 Grade 300VA

BS 4360 Grade 50B