Moolaan Iron & Steel is able to advise you on the most suitable materials to use for specific applications. Many considerations are involved in
the selection of the correct grades of steel for abrasion resistant, corrosion resistant and structural requirements. 

For instance, the type of material being handled, nature of abrasion, corrosion and economics of operation are important considerations,
as are fabrication and welding aspects. 

To solve these problems, Moolaan Iron & Steel’s metallurgists and technical experts will, if necessary, conduct surveys and seminars for the
customer and assist with in house trials of material. 

The company also boasts a full in-house metallurgical laboratory staffed by qualified metallurgists with extensive experience in the steel industry.
In this way, Moolaan Iron & Steel ensures that the best results are obtained through selecting and using the right materials for the right application.


Material grade:

Mild steel, 43A, 50B, Roqlast, Roqtuf.

These grades of plates are available in 12000 long by 2400 width. Thickness are available from 1mm to 300mm, please contact our sales staff to confirm availability. These plates can be cut to any shape or size that is specified by the customer.

Steel: Steel plates, Steel tubing, Steel pipes, Flanges angle irons, channels and more.

Where by a further processing of plates are required to be processed to a specific specification. We are capable of supplying the following services:

  • Steel profiling
  • Lazercutting
  • Bending
  • Rolling
  • Drilling.
  • Guillotining

Oxy-fuel - Our Oxy-fuel cnc machines are capable of cutting any shape in accordance to drawing and templates. Chamfering or beveling for the manufacture of cutting edges and welding purpose can be achieved. These machines are capable of cutting from 5mm to 300mm with the tolerance of +/- 2mm.

Plasma - where speed and acuracy more precise cutting is required we employ our high defination plasma machines. There is a lot less heat intensity in this method of profiling thus distortion of the materials less and more precise cutting is achieved. Our definition plasma machines produce such beautiful and accurate product that no cleaning is required thus less labour intensive and therefore customers can receive an improved turnaround time.

Laser Cutting - if tolerance and speed is of the utmost importance lazercutting is used, our lazer machines produce glass finish, a majority of our lazercutting work is for automotive industry where accuracy, speed is required and especially where finish is of the utmost importance.

Guillotining - Guillotining can only produce straight cuts, thus only simple shapes can be produced. We guillotine from 0.5mm to 16mm thick material.

Bending and rolling - Bending and rolling machines have their limitation as to what size and thickness can be bent and rolled. A table is available to calculate whether we can handle a special requirement or not.